Manitoba Child Care Search

Manitoba Child Care Search connects Manitoba families directly with licensed child care facilities. Using this tool, families can search for facilities that meet their needs based on location, hours and availability. Once you find a facility that has an open space and meets your needs, contact them directly to arrange your child care service.

Search Tips:

To find licensed child care facilities near your home or work, search for the first three characters of your postal code (ex R3C) with the Facility Information option or find your Region/Community from the Area option and choose a name from the drop down list.

To narrow your search, use the filters below to search by hours of care or type of space available.

Note: Each licensed child care facility manages their own intake process and policies when it comes to filling spaces. Families are encouraged to ask questions about the facility’s policies, safety standards and services before accepting a space to make sure you and your child’s needs are met.

Manitoba Child Care Search supports access to available child care as part of Manitoba’s COVID-19 pandemic response. This search tool remains in effect as the preferred search option to find licensed and available child care in Manitoba.